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You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers.

What Makes You Different than Other Agencies?

We have answered the most common concerns, but if you want to know “how much does it cost to hire a web developer?” or perhaps you want to know the average cost for website redesign and maintenance? Whatever query you have, we are here to answer them. Tell us about your goals and we’ll make sure that you achieve them.
What Makes Your Agency Different?

We are digital transformation experts that understand your business goals and needs, then reach in our digital tool box to use the proper tools to accomplish these goals. When we design your website or app and market your business online, we focus on what will move your target audience to help create conversions, increase leads, grow your business, and make you more money.

How much does it cost to build a professional website in 2022?
You can expect to pay an upfront cost of no less than $1,000 to build a website, with an ongoing cost of around $250 per month to maintain it. This estimate is higher depending on the complexity of the website. Request a proposal for your project by contacting us to speak with an expert.
How Much Does It Cost to Build a Mobile App in 2022?
The cost to develop a mobile app can cost $10,000 to $500,000 to develop, depending on the complexity of your mobile application and its functionality. Request a proposal for your project by contacting us to speak with an expert.
How long does it take to build a website?
Our standard WordPress websites take approximately 30-45+ days to design, develop and launch. For E-commerce and online store websites, it takes approximately 45-60+ days. For more complex projects, the time frame can increase.

Questions? We’ve got answers!

We’re here for you! If you have any questions you’d like us to answer, contact us.
Where is my website hosted?
We strongly recommend all websites that ATX Web Designs build use our servers. However, if at any time you wish to move to a new web firm + web host, we will package up your site at no cost to send to the new firm. Though at that time, we will no longer be able to support your site.
How is my website backed up?
ATX Web Designs backs up all of our client’s websites daily, weekly and monthly. If a site is needed to be fully restored, there is no cost to the client.
How much does web hosting cost?
We have simplified our packages for hosting down to two options.

Non E-Commerce: $60 per month. E-commerce: $100 to $150 per month. All of our hosting packages are un-metered, meaning that you will never be charged extra for going over a “limit.” There are occasionally instances that if a site creates so much traffic that it may need to live on it’s own server. We can help facilitate this if needed, but is extremely rare.

Your hosting also comes with free email accounts through Outlook or email forwarding.

Will you provide a full copy/backup of our site if requested?
Yes and at no cost! You 100% own everything that ATX Web Designs creates for you, and if requested we will provide a one-time full backup of your website.

What our clients have to say

"ATX Web Designs is amazing to work with. They did a fantastic job updating the look of our website and we receive so many compliments. They are attentive and very easy to work with. I highly recommend them."

Stacey A., Marketing Director


"I cannot speak highly enough about working with ATX Web Designs. From the initial call with Daniel, I felt comfortable trusting the complete redesign of our site with his team."

Kennedy Hull, President

Hardman Signs

"Top notch services; very professional. We bid our project around town (Austin) and ATX was impressively responsive. The entire process brought me back as a repeat customer. Worth your time. 5-stars."

Charles Bollfrass, President

Fathom Tanks

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