You Can’t Force a Fish to Bite: The Importance of Being Patient in The Marketing World

I’m no expert in fishing , by far. But I’ve recently grown to enjoy it much more. What I’ve learned about fishing also applies to marketing. Here are a few quick things you absolutely need to know.



Identify Your Target Audience

You don’t decide what bait you’re going to use until know what kind of fish you’re going to go fishing for. Same thing applies to marketing.

Before you can decide if you’re going to use social media, do SEO, or how you’ll redesign your website, you need know who are audience is.



Web Design, Facebook, Twitter, or PPC.

Depending on what you’re fishing for and trying to catch, then you can choose your bait: live shrimp, plastic worms, minnows, etc.

Before you up and decide that you want to use twitter to engage with your audience, make sure that that’s the best platform to use for your business when trying to capture their attention.

For example, typically if you’re small local business in a common industry, such as a chiropractor, then having s very interactive Facebook page, along with doing Facebook ad campaigns, makes more sense than spending most your efforts on twitter.

Now, this isn’t to say that you wouldn’t get leads and clients from doing another form of marketing, but it’s all about getting the most bang for your buck, right?



Be Patient and Adjust

Even with the perfect pole, bait, and fishing spot you still can’t force a fish to bite (I know from experience). It takes patience, and it takes skill.

For one, there are many other competitors that are marketing in your industry. You’re not the only one. Let me repeat that: you’re not the only one.

That means it takes skill and figuring out how to best capture your audience and give them what they’re looking for, in the most effective way.

Maybe that has to do with your website not being up-to-par. Or that the marketing you’re doing is as good as you think.

You can’t just throw up some marketing on the internet and expect it work. And even if it does, you’ll still have to keep critiquing it because the web changes fast and so the your audiences’ preference.

Always be prepared during marketing when trying to grow your clientele or customer base. You do this by strategy, patience, and being willing to make adjustments when need be.

For the record, I just started enjoying fishing recently within the past year. It’s probably because I’ve gained more patience and actually begin catching something. But what I’ve learned has helped me understand the art of it all. I’m no expert. No even close to it, ha.

Daniel Griggs – ATX Web Designs Founder & CEO

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