Will AI Revolutionize Your Business? Probably Not

In May, ATX the Brand founder Daniel Griggs published an article in Forbes about how artificial intelligence is shaping the digital marketing landscape.

For those worried about how AI content might jeopardize their jobs or those who see it as a magic bullet, the article provides a balanced perspective on both the perks and pitfalls of this emerging technology.

In summary, AI content is here to stay, but it likely won’t revolutionize your business—or cause it to come crashing down. The article addresses three important points to know about AI generated content:

  1. You need the system AND the skills to be successful.The truth is, shiny new tech and software are useless if you don’t have the skills to actually use them effectively for your business. What’s the point of cranking out 10 blog posts in an hour if you don’t know what topics and keywords to focus on, how to engage your audience, and how to market that content to get real results? Sure, it’s cool to learn how to use the system and be lightning fast, but speed alone won’t cut it. You need to know how to make the most of it.
  2. Content writers and editors will always be needed. No matter how advanced AI-generated content becomes, it’s important to remember that it’s still just rehashing information created by humans. While AI can speed up the content writing process, it doesn’t eliminate the need for skilled writers and editors who can produce captivating and unique content. This is particularly true for website pages. Without a deep understanding of the intricacies of a product or service, a company’s distinctive brand, their business objectives, and their target audience, AI-generated websites will be generic and uninteresting at best, and potentially misleading at worst.
  3. Authenticity will win the day.

    The key to standing out in the business world lies in being genuine and authentic. Our lives are constantly bombarded by influencers and advertisers competing for our attention, and our attention has become an incredibly valuable resource. That’s why, in most cases, quality triumphs over quantity. In the long run, it’s worth prioritizing the creation of high-quality content that genuinely resonates with your audience, even if it means producing less of it. Authenticity holds value for people, and they will be drawn to it.

    If you’re a small business that wants to use AI to save money and increase your output, you’re in luck. There are many tools out there, like Chat GPT and Jasper, that can expedite many of your processes. Just know that artificial intelligence is a tool, and is only as good as the content you feed it, the people who manage it, and the structures in place to support it.

To read the full Forbes article, click here.

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