What’s Your Marketing Strategy? Mobile First or Mobile Only?

Did you know, that mobile device account for approximately 40% of all online sales. Today’s customer is always connected on mobile even when they browse the web on their desktop. The smartphone is on 24/7! So let me ask you what is your marketing strategy? If your strategy is not mobile first, it’s definitely not customer first.

Our websites must be responsive to all possible screens and devices. The mobile first strategy does not ignore the fact that customers also access our E-commerce sites on desktops and laptops devices it recognizes that responsive design gets us there. For example, in a mobile first approach, our methods and goals start with the mobile, smartphone screen in mind.

We’ve found that page load times must be 3 seconds or less to keep the bounce rate at low percentages. Your content strategy needs to be accomplished in a “bite sized” approach. This way you can present value to the customer without requiring excessive scrolling. Ensure you design with the smallest screen in mind that way you can transition to each larger screen in succession.

Consider this detail, your new competition in marketplace is being born mobile. In the not too distant future, mobile only may well be the destiny for all us marketers. So ask yourself, what is your market strategy are you mobile first or mobile only?

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