We’d Like (You) to Know Amber Venz Box, Entrepreneur, Disruptor and Innovator

SXSW is in town March 9-18! We’re shining a spotlight on four speakers and their work that revolutionized our world.

I think of Amber Venz Box is smart, savvy, and fashion-forward. In 2011 she leveraged her love of–and good taste in–style and disrupted the retail industry and transformed fashion blogging into a serious money-making machine.

She founded rewardStyle, a platform that allows select (it’s invitation only) fashion, beauty and lifestyle influencers to earn money for the sales they, ah, influence.

She also created LIKEtoKNOWit, which you’ve no doubt seen hashtagged on Instagram. CNBC reported in November that rewardStyle influencers have generated over $1 billion in global retail sales. With LIKEtoKNOWit, the double-tap of an Instagram picture (ie “like”) sends an influencer’s complete outfit details direct to your inbox. Its influence reaches far beyond Instagram (including a deal with Google) and has generated over $700 million in sales.

The best part: Venz Box’s platforms have given thousands of women the opportunity to launch their own businesses. Fashion blogging began as an industry that offered little more than bragworthy perks. Now through affiliate marketing and Venz Box’s platforms, these influencers can earn an easy 6 figures.

She’s given women (because influencers are overwhelmingly women) an avenue to start and run their own businesses, no MBA or corporate drudgery required. Retailers profit, followers are thrilled, and women around the world build thriving businesses.

3 Business Lessons From Amber Venz Box:

  1. Follow Your Talents. Venz Box designed and sold distressed denim skirts in grade school.She started her own jewelry line in high school.In college, she started working at a jewelry store where the owner invited her to sell her own line as well. It wasn’t long before she was making more selling her own designs than she was as an employee ($100,000 according to Business Insider).

    It’s easy to get caught up in “figuring out” what to do with our lives, what business to start, how to make money. Venz Box focused on what she was really good at and getting it out in the world.

  2. Teachers can make sweet money, too. The rewardStyle conference (#rStheCon) is an invitation-only event that brings together influencers and brands. Not only is it a great opportunity for networking and deal-making (which puts more money in everyone’s pockets) but it’s also a way to teach both how to be better at their work.
    Through workshops, panels and breakout sessions, conference attendees learn how to earn even more money. And, the conference itself is an opportunity to make money and get incredible visibility (because of course the influencers are Instagramming everything and the brands are hosting highly photogenic parties).
    Bring people together, show them how to be better at their work (that is, ideally, on your platform) and reap the benefits.
  3. Marry your interests to a money-making industry. Venz Box loved fashion and would likely have gone on to great success continuing as a personal shopper and jeweler. She achieved something far bigger by combining her interest in fashion with a technology platform. Often the greatest innovations spring from unlikely pairings.
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See Amber Venz Box March 12 @ 12:30 PM

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