Strengthen Your Online Reputation For SXSW 2017

$325.3 million.

That’s how much more money was invested in the local Austin economy in 2016 courtesy of South by Southwest. SXSW–which will span March 10th through to the 19th of this year– is an excellent opportunity to connect with and share ideas with other business owners, possibly about increasing customer base and brand awareness or even starting a new business. You don’t have to be in the hospitality or retail business to benefit. The following preparatory tips will help you to make the most of the festival.

Review and revamp your social media account

Before your first day of attendance at SXSW, be sure to optimize and update your social media accounts and pages. In this digital age, almost everything you need to know to form an impression about an individual or business is available on a social media page. Often times, the first thing we do when we meet someone or we hear of a business is to check them out on social media and guess what, they are doing the same to you. Ensure that your social media gives the desired impression by:

Keep your profile photos up-to-date

Ensure that your profile photograph on your different social media accounts is appropriate and recent. It is important that your picture looks like the way you currently do; otherwise, you lessen your valuable connection opportunities then and there. If at all possible, use to make sure your photo is the same across each network so that it is immediately recognizable as you.

Keep your social media handles linked

It is more difficult for people to find you across social media sites if you are known by several different names or handles. Try to keep your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram names the same or as close as possible. That way those who meet you at SXSW will find you easily.

Do a thorough cleanup

Try to remove things that are inappropriate – especially if you didn’t post them – and anything that is not reflective of you or your business. It’s not necessary to remove your personality, though; no need to be bland.
Make Your Online Reputation Stronger before SXSW

Do not overlook your business’ online reputation when making preparations for SXSW. Restaurants or stores in the downtown area especially need to be mindful of this. Many individuals attending the festival will check online review sources such as Google+, Urbanspoon, Yelp, among others to make decisions on the best places to go. Negative reviews, even a few, may be discouraging to them. According to research, a 1-star difference in reviews online can mean a 5-9% effect on revenues.

There are things you can do. If you haven’t already done so, get your business’ Google+ up and running. Ensure that your business’s social media channels, as well as your personal LinkedIn profile, are up to date. Make positive responses to negative reviews; offer a concrete solution to issues voiced by past customers.

Be sure to highlight any positive reviews you have received in your advertising campaigns and on your website. If this makes you feel overwhelmed, contact ATX Web Designs for expert assistance in building and maintaining a positive and strong online reputation.

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