How to Write Better Product Descriptions

If you run a product-based business or e-commerce store, every piece of information on your website is critical—including your product descriptions. Many companies overlook their product descriptions, believing the product photos will speak for themselves. However, product descriptions can be invaluable for both SEO (bringing users to your site) and engagement (getting users to interact with or buy your products).

Here are 7 ways to create better product descriptions so that your audience is informed, engaged, and persuaded to purchase.

  1. Make it accurate. It may seem obvious, but making sure your product description preciscely matches the product itself will help improve sales and brand image. About 50% of consumers have returned a product because it didn’t match the description.
  2. Make it easy. Users want to gather as much information about your product in as little time as possible. Use short sentences, bullet points, and clearly delineated sections to help website visitors quickly scan the text while simultaneously being fully informed.
  3. Get creative. Generic, boring product descriptions inform the user, but don’t necessarily create more engagement. Try infusing your write-ups with a pop of personality, humor, or a conversational tone tailored to your specific target demographic.
  4. Benefits over features. Consumers are more persuaded by the benefits of a product than they are by the specifics of a product’s features. In your product descriptions, make sure you mention how this particular item will benefit someone’s life and solve their pain points.
  5. Describe an experience. Help your audience imagine what it would be like to hold, wear, or use your product with descriptive language that sparks their imagination. If you can picture yourself using a product, you are more likely to purchase it.
  6. Give examples or suggestions for use. By suggesting ways to incorporate your product into everyday life, you will provide your audience with clear examples of how useful and valuable your product is.
  7. Collect data. The best way to know if your product descriptions are working is to track your website traffic and conversions to determine how well your e-commerce page or product page is converting. If something isn’t performing well, it’s time to make some adjustments.

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