Guide to a Successful Startup: 3 Most Important Facts to Know

We want to help your startup and give you some FREE advice on how to start growing it immediately

    1. Leverage your passion to provide solutions.

    As an entrepreneur, you started your business for two reasons. First, you had an idea, one that solved problems for people, businesses, or your community. Second, you had a passion.

    Your idea may be simple or done before. The difference is that you have a unique perspective that you’re using to start a business. The key is to be able to tell people not only what your idea is, but what the problem is. I fix bikes in 30 minutes or less. I make gluten free, dairy free pizza that’s delicious. Those short phrases help people – your potential customers – understand what the problem is and how you solve it.

    But you also bring your passion to the business. Passion is fuel. And that fuel helps you stay up late, work weekends, and go the extra mile to serve customers. Passion gives you the edge over others who’ve lost their edge, or need outside validation. Don’t be afraid to show your passion in your business – it shows you’re committed.

    We want to help your startup and give you some FREE advice on how to start growing it immediately

      2. Success rarely happens overnight. And that’s okay.

      Whether you’re an entrepreneur working at your kitchen table, or using $10 million in venture capital, you’re doing the same thing: bringing your business to life. What do that have in common? They keep an eye on the bottom line. They have a business plan, whether it’s a formal document or a scrap of paper. You’ll find that many famous business leaders remember their lowly beginnings in a garage – and they took small steps to get to where they are today. Those same people remember that it was their customer, not a glitzy marketing brochure or the right office chair – that made them succeed.. And once they had customers onboard, they kept them with great service and attention. Try your best to attract and keep your customers and they’ll keep you as you grow. Your fancy office chair can wait until you can afford it.

      3. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Keep growing.

      Growth means change, and change is uncomfortable. As a new business, that’s all you’re focused on: growing the business. The key to making it through these times? Most successful people will tell you it’s a combination of goals, planning, and growth. Set new goals for team and your business. Can you grow revenue 10% this month? Decide how to attract 10 new leads – then go after them. Setting goals and moving towards them gives you the certainty you lack in other areas of the business. Invest in yourself by getting a mentor who can guide you through the rough patches. The results? With time and attention, most new business can turn a profit in the second or third year of business. Consistency will pull you through the rough times as you make a name for yourself and your business.

      We want to help your startup and give you some FREE advice on how to start growing it immediately

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