Business Description Is Removed From Google My Business

Your business is more than just a red pushpin on a digital map, and Google is aware of that. So to reflect this, they continue to make updates to their search engine products. Google is always tossing out new updates and the latest is a new website testing tool which allows text ads to expand and display local business ads on Google Maps. On the 1st of August, Google announced yet another update which involves Google My Business.


That’s right. It’s official. Google has removed the business description section from your Google My Business.


The changelog for Google My Business gave a more detailed explanation of the update stating that the business description field will be displayed only on Google +, where updates and edits can still be made to the business descriptions. Here’s Google’s input about the change:


The Introduction/Description field is no longer editable in Google My Business. It only displays to users in Google+, and may still be edited there. Editing of attributes, coming soon to all Google My Business views, will be an improved way to describe your business to users on Google Search and Maps.”


Bing has also put a halt to accepting business descriptions. However, there’s no evidence as to if the two are related. Many users have mentioned that this change could potentially eliminate users spamming the business description section by cramming it full of keywords.


Does your business description still matter?

Of course they do! Even though the value of your business description isn’t as significant of a ranking factor for Google local search, most directories such as Yelp, Facebook, and even databases like Infogroup, are very important.


How does this affect my  small business?

If you want your small business to be found, validated and selected online by local consumers, you have to adapt to Google’s changes. It’s expected that Google will always roll out new changes that’ll expand on the ability to provide detailed attributes about their services and products, to leverage them to attract new customers and stand out.


What does this mean for ATX Web Designs clients?

As an affiliate and partner of the leader in personalized digital marketing, we are constantly adapting our strategies as new changes roll out, in order to give our clients the best, most up-to-date online marketing solutions for their business. Local search marketing is always changing, but we keep an eye out for those changes so you don’t have to.


Have questions about the update or how they could affect you business? Contact us today.


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