5 Tips for Creating Engaging Website Content

When designing or redesigning a business website, many companies start with the visual branding elements: the colors, the photos, the graphics, the cool features. 

Although content is sometimes an afterthought in the website development process, it is equally as important as functionality or design. You may have a high-quality product promoted on a sleek, modern website, but a weak content marketing strategy will still cost you leads and sales.  

Content marketing is the strategic creation of text and multimedia that informs a user and leads them through a specific journey—typically from awareness to consideration to action.

Here are five ways to improve your website content to more effectively market your product and keep your audience engaged.  

  1. Know the purpose of each piece of content. Website real estate is extremely valuable. Attention spans are short and distractibility is high online. Each section of content on your website should have a distinct purpose. By knowing your end goals, you can more effectively mold your content to meet those goals. 
  2. Provide value. Your audience’s attention needs to be earned, so each piece of content on your site should provide some sort of value. Identify what your specific audience values then use bold, simple headlines and straightforward copy that showcase how you can provide that value. 
  3. Move from problem to solution. Digital content marketing is about connecting with an audience’s pain points (the problem) and presenting your company’s product or service as a solution. Frame your content in terms of your audience’s challenges and how you can make their life better. 
  4. Include clear Calls to Action. Don’t assume your audience understands the next step they need to take in moving down the path to purchase—or that they will take initiative to move forward on their own. Each section of your website should indicate some Call-to-Action, such as “learn more,” “sign up,” or “browse our products.” 
  5. Work with the design and functionality – The design and functionality of your website should not be developed separately from the content strategy. At ATX Web Designs, our designers, developers and content writers work together to holistically develop digital products that capture a company’s essence and effectively engage users. 

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