Why Prioritizing User Experience is Critical for Your Business

If you’ve read anything about web design or digital marketing, you’ve probably seen the term “User Experience Design.” In today’s digital world, User Experience Design, or UX Design, is critical for engaging audiences online and getting potential customers to buy into your digital brand. No matter what your industry, considering your end user, their pain points, and their experience is the best way to grow your business. 

What is UX Design?

User Experience Design is an umbrella term that includes the ideas of User Interface Design and Usability. A UX designer is concerned with more than that, though — they must think about the entire process of creating, acquiring, and including a product or service in a person’s life. It includes aspects of usability, design, branding, and function. The User Experience Design story starts long before the product ends up in the user’s hands. 

Is UX Design just about a physical product?

No. User Experience is about what users think, and it’s also about what they feel.  Since humans are emotional and rational at the same time, both sides of this coin play big roles in how users think about your brand. Additionally, a good part of the user experience depends on the context the product is used in. Therefore, UX designers must understand that context, and the role that the product will play in the lives of its users. Furthermore, a user’s experience can easily change over time. They might have mixed feelings about your product as they start to use it, but they might change their minds as they become more familiar with it. 

What is an example of a brand with great UX Design?  

Brands that offer a great user experience are designed with not only the ultimate use of the product in mind, but all aspects of ownership are considered. One great example is Apple products. The UX designers for Apple don’t focus only on creating products that can be used — they also consider efficiency, pleasure, and even the fun that can be had with a device. The user experience on Apple’s website mimics the experience a user has walking into an Apple brick-and-mortar store. By creating this brand consistency and ease of use, Apple has grown into arguably one of the most prominent brands worldwide. 

How does UX Design relate to digital marketing?

When used in the context of web design and digital marketing, UX design refers to how your brand comes across online. This includes your website, your social media accounts, your online ads, your email marketing, and any virtual tools you use to communicate with your clients. By thinking through the entire customer journey, you can ensure your users have a consistent, cohesive and enjoyable experience interacting with your brand online. This will not only help build your brand reputation, but will result in more leads, sales and referrals. 

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