Waiting for 2017 To Start Your Online Marketing? You’re Going To Lose.

Waiting for 2017 to start your online marketing? You’re going to lose.


If you’re waiting until 2017 to begin implementing new online marketing plans, you’re going to lose out on that new years window of potential sales. Implementing Online Marketing Strategies will take time.


For example, let’s say you want to redesign your website for 2017. Well, you don’t want to start doing that in 2017, you begin doing it at the end of 2016.


Realistically a web design firm will need up to 90 days to complete your website, depending on the scope of your web design project. For your average project, for the average small business owner, you’ll need at least 60 days.


To put it into perspective, if you begin getting your website redesigned, or a new website for your business, at the beginning of 2017 then it won’t be complete until March or April. Now you’ve just missed out on potential leads and sales because that new years window is closed.


Here’s another instance. Let’s say that you want to be ranked higher and gain more exposure in search results online. At ATX Web Designs, we always let our online marketing clients know upfront that SEO is a long-term relationship; Not short term.


It takes time, and depending on the industry and competition it can take 6 plus months to be ranked on the first page of Google results.


The new year always brings forth new goals and new opportunities. If you wait until 2017 to begin to implementing your marketing strategies, there’s a higher chance of you failing than succeeding.


The high sales window of opportunity at the beginning of the year is between January and March. If you don’t have your strategies in place, implementing them, and not aggressively marketing to your target audience, you’ll miss that window of opportunity.


Can you answer these questions?

Do you feel a new website will increase your leads an sales?
Do you have marketing strategies in place to accomplish your goals?
How’s your business ranked in local SEO and organic SEO?
Do you have a budget to implement your strategies?
Do you have a marketing plan to grow your company Brand?
Will you be doing: New website redesign – SEO – local SEO – organic SEO?


If you don’t have a firm answer for any of these questions, we’d love to help! Take 10 seconds to fill out this form so we can have a quick chat!

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