The Top 5 Digital Content Mistakes Small Businesses Make

What is the most important part of creating a business website? When many small business owners think about launching their company online, they think of the website design: how they want their site to look and feel. While this is a crucial element of creating an online brand, web design is only half the story.

A business also needs high quality content that is crafted to engage and convert their target audience. All too often, content becomes an afterthought for businesses seeking to market themselves online and they fall into the trap of committing one or more of these 5 digital content mistakes. This can cost them leads, sales, and even their company’s reputation.

If you are a small business looking to create or redesign your website, here are the top 5 digital content mistakes to avoid:

  1. Too much content. You don’t need to tell your company’s entire story on your website and list all your achievements and accolades. The modern consumer has a very limited attention span, so it is critical to maximize every millisecond of time they spend on your website. Share about your company and how it will serve your audience in as few words as possible, while still addressing their pain points, conveying your unique value, and showcasing your brand personality.
  2. Too little content. Conversely, when companies rely solely on photos, video, and visuals to tell the story of their brand, it can leave their audience confused or with unanswered questions. For example, companies with little to no content on their homepage take an enormous gamble that visuals alone will motivate website visitors to explore the rest of the site before clicking away.
  3. Not utilizing keywords. While it is important to employ Search Engine Optimization tactics intentionally and not fall into the trap of keyword stuffing, it is also detrimental not to use any keywords in your content. Including both single terms and phrases that your audience will be searching for online will help you rank higher in search engine results. It will also signal to your website visitors that your content is relevant to them.
  4. Not focusing on the audience. When companies talk too much about themselves on their website, it can turn their audience off. Your digital content should always be created with your audience in mind. After all, they are who will be reading and engaging with your content, and they are the ones you need to grow your business!
  5. Using insider language. Companies in the tech, manufacturing, academic, and science-related industries need to be careful about including too much technical language and jargon in their website content. Unless a company knows that their primary audience will be very technically-versed, it is a good idea to keep digital content as simple and straightforward as possible. Think about explaining your products and services in a way a 5th grader could understand.

Is your business website currently making any of these content mistakes? If so, you could be hurting your chances of growing your business online. Curious about a content audit to get a full picture of how your company website could be improved from a content perspective? Reach out to ATX the Brand for more information about our content services.

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