The Top 20 Website Design Trends of 2021

The web design industry is a fast-paced and rapidly evolving one. Every year, new innovations in graphic design, user interface design, marketing, and backend development lead to new trends for websites and mobile applications.

Over the past year, we have seen businesses of all sizes increase their investment in their web presence. We were already living in a digital economy before COVID-19, but the global pandemic has emphasized the need for companies to improve their online brand and prioritize digital marketing.

Consumer habits have also changed, with more and more individuals choosing to shop online instead of in person. With the increased online participation and standards of the modern consumer, it is essential for businesses to keep up with design trends and present a digital brand that is relevant, engaging and effective in meeting its long-term goals.

Here are the top 20 website design trends predicted for 2021:

  1. Muted colors
  2. Authenticity and honesty
  3. Flat icons and illustrations
  4. Retro fonts
  5. Activism and supporting meaningful causes
  6. Parallax scroll animations
  7. Classic serif fonts
  8. Playfulness and optimism
  9. Illustrations
  10. Abstract and surreal art
  11. Minimalism
  12. Personalized experiences
  13. Vintage effects
  14. Animations
  15. Custom graphics
  16. Interactive landing pages
  17. Unique multimedia
  18. Embedded videos
  19. Non-traditional scrolling
  20. Gradient color schemes

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