NSC Baseball showcases baseball camps all over the nation for high school athletes, where they guarantee college scouts to be in attendance. They have a lot of fast growth but had no legit website. The main high-functionality requirements they needed were: Event creation, leaderboard data entry & population, a way for coaches to register their full team roster, and more.


With only a logo and a quickly thrown together website, we went 100% creative on the design side to keep their target audience engaged and fully up-to-date on the latest showcases, as well as creating a user-easy backend for the NSC staff to create events with location, even name, dates, and payment requirements. We also created a really nice leaderboard feature to where they information from every showcase can be entered for players and it will populate to the front end of the website showing what athletes have did the best for each event and overall for every event.


  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Brand + Identity
  • Website Redesign

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