Have you ever had a brilliant idea that brings together social media, sports fans, community, betting on your favorite teams, and more? The creator of DittoMarc, came to us with his ideas, and we were tasked with forming them into reality. From big picture to details, we worked through every single piece of the process, and created a workflow that would be user friendly, exciting, scaleable and capture the original purpose of DittoMarc.com: The Social Media Site for Sports Fans.


When clients with big ideas come to us, often the most challenging part of the project is mapping it all out. It’s easy to get carried away and jump right into development, but that also leads to mistakes. We spent several weeks working through the details of the site, and how it should be set up, before we started development. Testing the site each step of the way was also key in making this a success. It was important to test with a variety of different users to make sure the development was rock solid. As we were developing the site, we also set up a landing page so our client could begin marketing and gathering emails. Making sure the project had momentum was very important.


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