Featured in Forbes: The Best Website Strategies for Law Firms in 2021

Nearly 75% of individuals looking for an attorney begin their search online, 98% use a search engine and more than 70% visit a law firm’s website before making a decision, according to the National Law Review. That means it is critical for legal practices to have an effective digital strategy that will meet the demands of audiences in 2021.

In August, ATX Web Designs Founder Daniel Griggs was featured in an Forbes article titled The Best Website Strategies for Law Firms in 2021. The article discusses ways attorneys and law firms can optimize their online presence, reach more potential clients and grow their practices.

Some of the strategies recommended in the article included:

​​1. Make sure you own your website. If you don’t have 100% ownership of your law firm website, you could be losing business. It may seem tempting to hire a template-based web design company that can plug your law firm’s information into an existing website design, but this approach can prevent you from customizing your website and tailoring it to your target demographic.

2. Invest in SEO. Consumers in 2021 like to do their own research when determining the best products and services for them. An individual who is going to invest in legal services will likely use a search engine such as Google and scan through multiple websites before deciding on one they like. It is important that your website is search-engine-optimized so it appears on the first page of search engine results.

3. Employ mobile-first design. Consumers today are much more likely to use a mobile phone to search online and access websites than they are to use a desktop computer. The mobile experience should be the first priority in establishing a credible and engaging online presence for your law firm.

To read the full article, click here.

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