Don’t Make These 5 Mistakes When Hiring a Web Designer

It’s no secret that in today’s digital-first world, a company needs an engaging and intuitive website to attract new clients and customers. Demand for web designers and web developers is at an all-time high as businesses upgrade their online brands in order to keep up with evolving trends and stay competitive in their industries.

But with so many web design companies to choose from, how should a business owner decide who to entrust with developing their website and digital branding? Last month, we published a blog post with five tips for hiring a web design company. Today, we will discuss five mistakes to avoid.

    1. Don’t Settle For Ultra-Cheap Rates—Or Stumble Into Hidden Fees. The price for a good web development company can run into the thousands of dollars, and that kind of sticker shock can make companies that offer bargain rates look extra attractive. But remember: you get what you pay for. Cheap web design often means cheap, barebones websites. If you want specific functions, you’ll likely have to pay extra—and can easily end up spending more than you would have if you’d just gone with someone reputable but more expensive.
    2. Don’t Ignore the Fine Print. To avoid up-sells and unexpected costs, be extremely clear about your requirements. Get as many details as possible before signing anything. The more detailed the designer, the more likely they are to be conscientious in their design work. Communicating clearly about your needs is a good way to avoid trouble.
    3. Don’t Set Your Design in Stone. Some websites are “hard-coded,” meaning that every aspect of them—graphics, copy, menus—is set in stone by the web design company. Avoid this when possible. As your company evolves and you decide to add more content and functionality to your site, you want a website that can change and grow with you.
    4. Don’t Forget Mobile. Most individuals will visit your company website from their phone as opposed to a desktop computer. Make sure that any web design company you hire knows how to make a website responsive, i.e, designed to be displayed well on smartphones and tablets. There’s nothing worse than clicking onto a desktop website with your smartphone—and given that most customers use them, make sure you’re prepared.
    5. Don’t Separate Design and Development. Web designers specialize in the visuals of a website—how it looks, branding and logos, etc. Web developers are more concerned with how a website works—coding, the ability to click on links, designing that important CMS system. Once, getting a website built meant hiring a separate designer and developer to handle the front and back end. Nowadays, reputable web design companies should offer both. A web design company that only makes websites look good is a waste of money.

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