This how you Build a Business That Matters

We all want to be the Richard Bransons of the world, hosting the Obamas on our private island. But honestly, what a boring goal. I mean, sure, the Obamas are badass, and the photos look amazing, and the dinner conversations are unbeatable, no doubt. But the most amazing companies are amazing for what they’ve become, not their earnings reports or achievements. It’s always in the building.

Build Something Awesome

For example, Zappos pioneered a no-boss policy. What? Who does that? How awesome is it to be the company that not only dominates the two 2-day shoe market (and now much more), but also piloted a brand new approach to workplace culture and operations, one well-suited for the 21st century? Like, super awesome.

I’m not getting paid to say this but: Zappos rocks. They have a 365-day return policy! Great customer service! A kajillion shoes to choose from (including cute heels in wide sizes–very hard to find) AND two-day shipping. #goals amiright?

^^This is the kind of enthusiasm and excitement you want for your company. Sorry, but screw profit. Be remembered for something. Don’t just be a business. Transform the way business is done.

Or Ruthlessly, Rampantly Successful

I don’t really want you to be another ruthless, rampant Amazon because I experience all kinds of cognitive dissonance about it. 2-day shipping! Free movies! Free TV shows! Everything I could ever want to buy sent right to my door stop in a single click! Like, Amazon is the best.

But, ugh. At what cost? To people, to the environment, to my own ability to delay gratification? Well I can answer that last part: I no longer wait for anything. If I can’t have it on my door in 2 days–MAX–then forget it. I’m no longer interested.

Still. They went from books to global e-commerce overlords, and now they even own our precious snowflake grocery stores!

That’s some kind of transformation.

You Do You

I know google isn’t the only multi-hundred-billion dollar company with a BA campus but I think they’re the only ones with a dinosaur (ie so they’re my fav)

Virgin America invented the foldable boarding pass, and definitely the coolest plane interiors

Tom’s popularized the one-for-one business model.

charity: water is still maybe the only charity/company to have a 100% giving model–and still be thriving!

In other words, there are tons of right ways to go about building a successful business, and to innovate in areas that aren’t directly related to your product. To really stand out as a company and brand, you have to explore those avenues. You’ll surely make some mistakes along the way, but you might also change the world

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