5 Tips for Hiring A Web Design Company

Doing business in today’s world requires an attractive and intuitive website. But while many e-commerce and web platforms claim to be perfect out-out-of-the-box solutions, you’re probably going to need some design help if you want a website that can handle anything your customers might throw at it. Web design companies can help ensure your site stands out from the crowd. Here’s how to make sure you get your money’s worth:

    1.  Know What You Want. Before finding someone to design your company website, you have to know what you want that website to look and feel like. Spend some time looking at websites you like, and figure out why you like them—do you want something highly visual and interactive, or more minimal? Do you expect to edit content, or plan on only the occasional redevelopment?  Knowing what you specifically want will help you screen potential web developers—and streamline the process of getting it. 
    2. Comparison Shop. Don’t just go with the first web design company you find. Review multiple portfolios to make sure they match what you’re looking for. A good source for design companies are other business owners who have websites you like. And when you do find a designer, make sure to ask for references from customers both past and present. Your website is your businesses’ identity—do your due diligence.  
    3. Make Sure You Will Have Full Ownership. Some out-of-the box, template-based websites are difficult to customize and may give you limited control or ownership over your website. Before you hire a web design company, talk with them about what the process will look like after your site is launched. Will you be able to make updates and edits? Will you fully own the content so that you can transfer it to another hosting provider or website if you choose to rebrand or go a different direction?
    4. Look for a Company with SEO and Marketing Expertise. These days, it’s all about the search engine rankings. The most beautiful and engaging website isn’t doing you any good if clients and potential clients can’t find it. If you want your company website to succeed, you need a solid SEO strategy and an experienced team that can implement it. It is much easier (and more affordable) to apply SEO content strategy to your website as it is being built, rather than retroactively attempting to overhaul your website to rank better. 
    5. Make Sure You’re Getting A Combination of Web Designer And Web Developer. What’s the difference? Web designers specialize in the visuals of a website—how it looks, branding and logos, etc. Web developers are more concerned with how a website works—coding, the ability to click on links, designing that important CMS system. Once, getting a website built meant hiring a separate designer and developer to handle the front and back end. Nowadays, reputable web design companies should offer both. A web design company that only makes websites look good is a waste of money.

These are a few of the considerations that go into hiring an effective web development/design team. With care and attention—and the work of a great design team—you can have customers flocking to your business.

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