5 Blog Strategies to Boost Traffic and Sales

Blog content remains one of the most effective and affordable types of marketing content that a business can produce. According to Semrush, companies with blogs bring in 67% more leads every month, and bloggers who use blogs for marketing purposes see 13 times more ROI.

If your company is considering adding a blog to your website, or would like to improve your current blog strategy to bring in more leads and sales, here are five ways to boost your content:


  1. Write more.  Several studies have observed that the more frequently you update your blog, the more people will be likely to visit.  Google appears to offer higher priority and better service to websites that host fresh content.  Updating your blog at least twice a week will give you more attention from the search engines — and the more search engines like your blog, the more likely they will be to provide it in a search result.
  2. Use Better Titles.  What’s more important than the content of a blog post?  The title of that blog post.  This is because titles are all a reader has to go on when they’re deciding if they want to click and read more.  Offer your readers solutions and promises, and be sure to deliver on them with your content.
  3. Write Guest Posts.  When you write an entry for someone else’s blog, that’s a guest post.  When you do this, it’s typical for the site owner or editor to allow you to link back to your own site.  Doing this can result in more referral traffic, more backlinks (which show a correlation with higher rankings), and greater brand awareness.  You can search for “write for us” pages, but don’t limit yourself to the sites that offer these types of pages, as most blog owners are happy to accept blog posts, even if they don’t advertise for it. 
  4. Promote your content in relevant online communities. As long as you have a good sense of who your target audience is, you should be able to find them congregating online.  Facebook and Reddit are two good places to look for relevant online communities; they can also be found on Slack and in independently-hosted forum sites. Just don’t go find a few groups and start spamming them — that’s a good way to get quickly booted and banned. What you have to do is choose a few groups, be active in those groups, build some trust in that group, and cultivate your relationship with the group’s admins. If they see you as a real person, and not only someone who has something to promote, they’ll be likely to say yes when you ask permission to promote.
  5. Use Keywords. Keywords are words that someone might use to find your post. Once you’ve found those keywords, use them in the title of the post, the headers of the post, and in the content of the post — whenever and wherever it makes sense to do so. It’s also a good idea to use the keywords in at least one or two of the images on your page.  Concentrating your use of keywords in this way helps Google to understand what your page is about—and that can ultimately lead to more traffic to your page, guided and generated by your use of keywords. 

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